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Kromproom – Annihilating rhythm – Hannan Hashim remix

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Original music written and produced by Kromproom
Remixed by Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix
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Kromproom – Technology – Free download on SoundCloud!

The track was composed for the Novation’s competition. Kromproom used the sample pack provided by Novation in the competition entry,


Mixed by Kromproom/MC Else
Mastered by Kromproom at KrompRoomRecords Studio

Download Now Kromproom’s Annihilating Rhythm Worldwide!

The Novation’s Competition!

Three lucky winners will be able to choose either a Bass Station II, UltraNova, or Mininova to add to their studio and experience the power of the real thing! Kromproom with MC Else’s help composed and sent the track for the Novation’s competition. More information here. Entries will be judged by Novation and a panel of very special independent judges including Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Liam Howe (Sneaker Pimps), Eats Everything, and Timo Maas. The three best tracks, making the best use of the available sounds, will win!
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Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm on REBEAT Artist Camp Promotion!

REBEAT Artist Camp Promo Link > http://artistcamp.rebeat.com

Cover photo (C) San Chez

Jens Esch Fotografie & Videografie – Teaser

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Photography promotion – Teaser
The music track called ‘Hunter’ is taken from the incoming album
Centurio and Kromproom – Darkness
More info.: http://www.revolutionbaby.de/NEWS.html
Music written and produced by Centurio
Mastered by Centurio and Kromproom
Music published by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music

Kromproom – Annihilating rhythm – Radio edit _promo

Listen to Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm radio edit on soundcloud!
https://soundcloud.com/kromproomrecords/kromproom-annihilating-rhythm (C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

Annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Hannan Hashim – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix comes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates but now is living in India. He is a producer and Dj. His music is able to cross progress moving forward rhythm with a layer of a biting tribal attitude. Hannan created a remix for the Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm track in the minimal techno style and tribal elements inside. When you start listening to his remix it slowly moving up for another culture to another world. Now you can listen to the remix forthcoming on junodownload.
Welcome to India.


Hannan Hashim’s network

Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Vulturius – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Vulturius created the remix for the track ABS from EKS-port’s album 7788 km/h. His next cooperation with Kromproom resulted in a great remix of Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm in the style of drum and bass. The remix will be available download worldwide in all good music platforms. Now you can listen to the remix forthcoming on junodownload.

Official Vulturius’s webside

Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Jamick – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

This artist was presented next to the project EKS-port. Jamick remixed the track called ABS from EKS-port’s album 7788 km/h. His next collaboration with Kromproom in resulted in the remix for Kromproom’s maxi single called Annihilating rhythm which will be released worldwide for download in all good music platforms. Now you can listen to the remix forthcoming on junodownload.