Centurio and Kromproom – Darkness (main title) – Bonus CD Darkness

Buy now at ARGO Verlag, Dan Davis – Revolution, Baby! Science Fiction Roman – Hardcover 536 pages. Special limited edition including 2 CDs: “Original novel Soundtrack by CARLOS PERÓN (ex YELLO) feat. CENTURIO” + “Original novel BONUS-Soundtrack DARKNESS by CENTURIO & KROMPROOM”.  Music published by Warner Chappell Music, administered by GEMA.


Dan Davis – Revolution, Baby! Science Fiction Roman – Hardcover 536 pages
Special limited edition including 2 CDs: “Original novel Soundtrack by CARLOS PERÓN (ex YELLO) feat. CENTURIO” + “Original novel BONUS-Soundtrack DARKNESS by CENTURIO & KROMPROOM”. Buy now at ARGO Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-941800-44-1


Dan Davis

Revolution, Baby!
Science Fiction Roman
Nichts um uns ist so, wie es auf den ersten Blick scheint.

Als ein [...]

The book called Revolution, Baby! Coming soon!

The special edition of Dan Davis’s book Revolution, Baby! including 2 CDs will be released soon by Argo-Verlag. Check out some news for the project on the new website, http://www.revolutionbaby.de/

The magazine 2000 plus Kosmos Erde Mensch and the article about the book Revolution, Baby!

In the German Magazine 2000 plus Kosmos Erde Mensch there is the extensive article about the scince-fiction book Revolution, Baby! Author Dan Davis, https://www.magazin2000plus.de/,


The Science Fiction Novel Called Revolution, Baby! Including 2 CDs! Is Coming!

In the press magazines 2000 plus Europa Spezial 2 and Q’Phaze were published the full-page advertisements of the Science Fiction Novel by Dan Davis including 2 CDs. The official soundtrack produced by Carlos Perón and Centurio and the bonus CD called Darkness produced by Centurio and Kromproom. The limited edition of the book including 2 [...]

Jens Esch Fotografie & Videografie – Teaser

Photography promotion – Teaser
The music track called ‘Hunter’ is taken from the incoming album
Centurio and Kromproom – Darkness
More info.: http://www.revolutionbaby.de/
Music written and produced by Centurio
Mastered by Centurio and Kromproom
Music published by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music

February 2014 – Dan Davis – Revolution, Baby!

Limited Edition – The book including 2 CDs – ARGO VERLAG – Publication February 2014!
ca. 500 Seiten, Hardcover, Science Fiction-Roman, als Limited Edition in der Kombination mit dem CD-Soundtrack von Carlos Perón feat. Centurio sowie der Bonus-CD “Revolution, Baby! – DARKNESS” von Jens Esch & Piotr Krompiewski. 49,90 EUR

The Science Fiction-

Novel by
Dan Davis

+official [...]

CENTURIO – Chernobyl Reactor 4 from Midnight Radio Compilation 3

Singer Songwriter (Soundtracks/Pop/Rock)
Producer (Soundtracks/Pop/Rock)
Graphic and Video, Photographer
For many years Jens Esch – CENTURIO – is as a producer, writer, composer and singer on the way. Beside various studio albums, Esch published other works in the area of pop, rock, electronic music and he sketches successfully soundtracks for film and video. Here he [...]

New Sound > Preview Epic Soundtrack Hadrian

Music by Centurio
(C) Warner Chappell Music

Kromproom feat. Centurio – Danced with a robot – dubstep remix (A legényes)

A legényes (in Hungarian) or feciorească (in Romanian) is a men’s solo dance done by Transylvanian people (both ethnic Hungarian and Romanian) living in the Kalotaszeg/Ţara Călatei, Szilágyság/Sălaj and Mezőség/Câmpia Transilvaniei regions of Transylvania, roughly the region around Cluj. Although usually danced by young men, it can be also danced by older men. The dance [...]