Kromp Room – Black Import – the original album on bandcamp!

It is my first album called ‘Black Import’, which was released and self-published under the one of my variations art name Kromp Room in 2003. Here you can listen original sound from this time. I have a sentiment for the compositions because I put in the work on it a lot of energy, heart and soul. After first listened to the music you feel that the album is rhythmically friendly but after next one you start feeling that the music is filled with sadness. In 2010 after 7 years of wandering in the network the album was noticed by Dark Daze Music and remastered and released by the label, whose the owner is Carlos Perón (ex Yello). The Dark Daze edition can listen and stream worldwide but the original album with the domestic master raw sound you can get only here.

Album tracklist:
1. Incorporate 02:58
2. Robots & desert 06:15
3. Move 04:33
4. Dancer 05:44
5. Zatańczysz z robotem 04:39
6. Transmitter 05:38
7. Kosmici też 04:49
8. Faces 05:18
9. It’s space 05:46
10. Never stop 06:06
11. Exclusion 04:11

Released 18 November 2003

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