KrompRoom remix for WANT/ed – (You) Won’t Regret is available to download worldwide by Aquo Rec Records label!

(From our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange) The Russian synth pop band WANT/ed returns with a new singer Holger Müller (from Starlane) and are ready to releases a new single, “(You) Won’t Regret”. The single also holds a B-side, “Baiter”, and 6 remixes of “(You) Won’t Regret”. Side-Line Music Magazine

You can listen to and buy tracks at WANT/ed’s Bandcamp page.
The [...]

EKS-port 100 Octane (I love my car)

Listen and share 100 Octane (I love my car) EKS-port on soundcloud!

30th CyberPunk – Neo-Cyberpunk – Compilado – 1 Electromecanico C by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires

The track called Definition [it is not easy to the find] from the single it has started again is on one of the compilation released by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires in honor of organized there GLOBAL CYBER DAY 2014.

COMPILADO 30th Anniversary Cyberpunk - GLOBAL CYBER DAY 2014! Check it on bandcamp!
by KASE [...]

Kromproom – Technology – Free download on SoundCloud!

The track was composed for the Novation’s competition. Kromproom used the sample pack provided by Novation in the competition entry,
Mixed by Kromproom/MC Else
Mastered by Kromproom at KrompRoomRecords Studio

Download Now Kromproom’s Annihilating Rhythm Worldwide!


The Novation’s Competition!

Three lucky winners will be able to choose either a Bass Station II, UltraNova, or Mininova to add to their studio and experience the power of the real thing! Kromproom with MC Else’s help composed and sent the track for the Novation’s competition. More information here. Entries will be judged by Novation and a panel [...]

The new Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm coming soon!

Another face out of many from Kromproom. In his diversity of styles Kromproom is always on the hunt for a complete and balanced sound. A musician is only as good as his last achievement. What’s comes next is like life in it’s self. The sunrise with a new day in front of you and just [...]

EKS-port ABS vol. 2 – OUT NOW !!!

The release is available to download in all good music platforms (worldwide).
# Title:
1. ABS (Psychic Force remix)
2. ABS (Jamick remix one)
3. ABS (Jamick remix two)
4. Without brakes

EKS-port ABS (Psychic Force Remix)

On the 1st of October in 2013 will be available to download the release EKS-port ABS vol. 2 in all good music platforms. Now you listen to the full remixed track by The Psychic Force band from Germany on soundcloud.
(C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

More about the band -Psychic Force- from Germany

The Psychic Force was already founded in 1990 by Jörg Charnowski (Synths Programming, Effects, Samples) and Michelle Christiansen (Music, Synths Programming, Vocals). The band was based in Bielefeld/Germany and got two additional band members, Michael Schadeck (Music, Synths Programming), Sven Klose (Lyrics, Vocals), who already left the band in the mid 90s. Today, Michelle [...]