Centurio and Kromproom – Darkness (main title) – Bonus CD Darkness

Buy now at ARGO Verlag, Dan Davis – Revolution, Baby! Science Fiction Roman – Hardcover 536 pages. Special limited edition including 2 CDs: “Original novel Soundtrack by CARLOS PERÓN (ex YELLO) feat. CENTURIO” + “Original novel BONUS-Soundtrack DARKNESS by CENTURIO & KROMPROOM”.  Music published by Warner Chappell Music, administered by GEMA.

KrompRoom remix for WANT/ed – (You) Won’t Regret is available to download worldwide by Aquo Rec Records label!

(From our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange) The Russian synth pop band WANT/ed returns with a new singer Holger Müller (from Starlane) and are ready to releases a new single, “(You) Won’t Regret”. The single also holds a B-side, “Baiter”, and 6 remixes of “(You) Won’t Regret”. Side-Line Music Magazine

You can listen to and buy tracks at WANT/ed’s Bandcamp page.
The [...]

Mixed compilation – Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud

Listen to the great mixed compilation by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud including the track ethnism (22:21) from the maxi single Danced with a robot feat. Centurio. Blessed Gifts of Techno (second parcel) by Mastakaspa on Mixcloud

EKS-port 100 Octane (I love my car)

Listen and share 100 Octane (I love my car) EKS-port on soundcloud!

Kromp Room – Black Import – the original album on bandcamp!

It is my first album called ‘Black Import’, which was released and self-published under the one of my variations art name Kromp Room in 2003. Here you can listen original sound from this time. I have a sentiment for the compositions because I put in the work on it a lot of energy, heart and [...]

30th CyberPunk – Neo-Cyberpunk – Compilado – 1 Electromecanico C by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires

The track called Definition [it is not easy to the find] from the single it has started again is on one of the compilation released by Cyberpunk.Argentina.Netlabel from Buenos Aires in honor of organized there GLOBAL CYBER DAY 2014.

COMPILADO 30th Anniversary Cyberpunk - GLOBAL CYBER DAY 2014! Check it on bandcamp!
www.behance.net/Paperheadstudio [...]

The book called Revolution, Baby! Coming soon!

The special edition of Dan Davis’s book Revolution, Baby! including 2 CDs will be released soon by Argo-Verlag. Check out some news for the project on the new website, http://www.revolutionbaby.de/

EKS-port – Gasoil y Gasolina – Official Video!

EKS-port band decided to creat a music video. This time it is somthing for fans of hip-hop beats. The track comes from their latest album called 7788 kmh. From 6th of March 2013 the long play is available to download worldwide! You can also stream it on Spotify! Deezer! Rdio! Wimp! Watch the video HERE!

The magazine 2000 plus Kosmos Erde Mensch and the article about the book Revolution, Baby!

In the German Magazine 2000 plus Kosmos Erde Mensch there is the extensive article about the scince-fiction book Revolution, Baby! Author Dan Davis, https://www.magazin2000plus.de/,


The Science Fiction Novel Called Revolution, Baby! Including 2 CDs! Is Coming!

In the press magazines 2000 plus Europa Spezial 2 and Q’Phaze were published the full-page advertisements of the Science Fiction Novel by Dan Davis including 2 CDs. The official soundtrack produced by Carlos Perón and Centurio and the bonus CD called Darkness produced by Centurio and Kromproom. The limited edition of the book including 2 [...]