KrompRoom remix for WANT/ed – (You) Won’t Regret is available to download worldwide by Aquo Rec Records label!

(From our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange) The Russian synth pop band WANT/ed returns with a new singer Holger Müller (from Starlane) and are ready to releases a new single, “(You) Won’t Regret”. The single also holds a B-side, “Baiter”, and 6 remixes of “(You) Won’t Regret”. Side-Line Music Magazine

You can listen to and buy tracks at WANT/ed’s Bandcamp page.
The [...]

Kromproom – Annihilating rhythm – Hannan Hashim remix

Original music written and produced by Kromproom
Remixed by Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix
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Annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Hannan Hashim – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix comes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates but now is living in India. He is a producer and Dj. His music is able to cross progress moving forward rhythm with a layer of a biting tribal attitude. Hannan created a remix for the Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm track in the minimal techno style [...]

Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Vulturius – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Vulturius created the remix for the track ABS from EKS-port’s album 7788 km/h. His next cooperation with Kromproom resulted in a great remix of Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm in the style of drum and bass. The remix will be available download worldwide in all good music platforms. Now you can listen to the remix forthcoming on [...]

Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Jamick – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

This artist was presented next to the project EKS-port. Jamick remixed the track called ABS from EKS-port’s album 7788 km/h. His next collaboration with Kromproom in resulted in the remix for Kromproom’s maxi single called Annihilating rhythm which will be released worldwide for download in all good music platforms. Now you can listen to the [...]

EKS-port ABS (Psychic Force Remix)

On the 1st of October in 2013 will be available to download the release EKS-port ABS vol. 2 in all good music platforms. Now you listen to the full remixed track by The Psychic Force band from Germany on soundcloud.
(C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

EKS-port ABS – Dubtron Remix & Vulturius Remix

ABS (Dubtron Remix)
ABS (Vulturius Remix)
(C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

EKS-port ABS (KrompRoomRemix)

Listen to the remix track on soundcloud!
(C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

Kromproom feat. Centurio – Danced with a robot – dubstep remix (A legényes)

A legényes (in Hungarian) or feciorească (in Romanian) is a men’s solo dance done by Transylvanian people (both ethnic Hungarian and Romanian) living in the Kalotaszeg/Ţara Călatei, Szilágyság/Sălaj and Mezőség/Câmpia Transilvaniei regions of Transylvania, roughly the region around Cluj. Although usually danced by young men, it can be also danced by older men. The dance [...]

Kromproom remix for Russian synth pop electro new wave label scentAiR records

Dark Phenomenon and ScentAir Records present the single ‘CONSOLED’ produced in support of recent remixes album called ‘FAVOUR’ The single also includes as B-sides the remix of Testament from Technomancer, People’s Talents from Piotr Krompiewski Kromproom, Act of Cruelty from Farvater Eleven and the promotional video for the title track.
1. Consoled
2. Testament (Technomantic Remix)
3. Act [...]