Kromproom – Annihilating rhythm – Hannan Hashim remix

Original music written and produced by Kromproom
Remixed by Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix
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Annihilating rhythm – Remixed by Hannan Hashim – 26.02.2014 available download worldwide!

Hannan Hashim aka Eratrix comes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates but now is living in India. He is a producer and Dj. His music is able to cross progress moving forward rhythm with a layer of a biting tribal attitude. Hannan created a remix for the Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm track in the minimal techno style [...]

The new Kromproom’s annihilating rhythm coming soon!

Another face out of many from Kromproom. In his diversity of styles Kromproom is always on the hunt for a complete and balanced sound. A musician is only as good as his last achievement. What’s comes next is like life in it’s self. The sunrise with a new day in front of you and just [...]

EKS-port ABS (KrompRoomRemix)

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(C) KrompRoomRecords/Rebeat

Transmission long mix – Danced with a robot – Kromproom feat. Centurio

You are welcome to listen to the mix on the channel The mix is available with an interactive link to iTunes store.

2013 Distribution Rebeat
2013 Publication Warner Chappell Music

Kromproom feat. Centurio – Maxi Single – OUT NOW!

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ASPIC 02 – Mini Dub Techno Compilation!

RELEASED by Sensitive Kemistry
MASTERED at KrompRoomRecords


Listen to the full tracks from the album ‘Sovjetunion’ on soundcloud!

Album ‘Sovjetunion’!
30 November 2012 is available to download!
CENTURIO – UdSSR _promo by KrompRoomRecords
CENTURIO – Call me now in Pripyat (KrompRoomRemix) by Kromproom
2012 KrompRoomRecords
2012 Distribution REBEAT
2012 Published by Warner Chappell Music

Next step-The debut album of CENTURIO -SovjetUnion-

ArtBack from the mastering, back from recording.
Next step > the debut album of CENTURIO -SovjetUnion-
Preview-Tracks: Call me now in Pripyat, Chernobyl Reactor 4, Leningrad, Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk Reactor, Lenin Calling, Golden Moscow, Toxic City (Norilsk), UdSSR, AK 47 Alert (Izhevsk), Running in siberia.
The Crossover of EBM/Industrial-Techno. First Artwork Preview:

EKS-port – Brakuje nam depnięcia – Remixed by Carlos Perón